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About us

Like many of our customers, Pana & Cie. Associates are a small business by choice. Our staff have successfully done their time in large companies, and concluded for various reasons that bigger isn’t necessarily better. We share a simple set of business and personal values - create quality products that are easy to use, continually earn the right to stay in business by solving our customers’ problems, and take the path we believe is right, even if it’s obviously not going to be easy.

Business and Professional Services

Business and professional services firms are unique because most producers do not consider themselves salespeople, but rather consultants and professionals who manage sophisticated clients and large accounts. Clients don’t want to be sold. Rather, they want problems solved that create value for their organization.

SaaS Solutions

We work with new, fast growing SaaS companies that are intent on disrupting their industry, as well as more traditional on-premise software companies that are transitioning to subscription-based business models. We understand the changing SaaS buyer and the sales roles, processes, and skills necessary to operate efficiently and effectively. We also understand the importance of executing a “land and expand” strategy, and have done so with many clients.

Media & Telecom

Media and telecommunications companies face new, disruptive competition each and every day. They are locked in a strategic, high-stakes chess match with very little room for error. We work with clients in these industries to maximize the impact of their innovation in the market, quantify value in the eyes of the customer, and to protect and grow relationships crucial for success.

Private Equity and Venture Capital

We work with private equity firms both pre- and post-acquisition to identify and prioritize sales performance improvement efforts, and to build greater consistency across portfolio companies. The result is a higher-level of capability and predictability to hit growth targets and drive shareholder value.

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